Technical Projects

  • -Drafting of new construction or demolition projects.
  • -Drafting of projects for the renovation and interior reforming homes and buildings.
  • -Planning of works.
  • -Quotation and measurements.
  • -Economic and quality control.
  • -Maintenance and conservation plans.

Building Works

  • -Management of materials and execution of works.
  • -Health and safety coordination.
  • -Drafting of Health and Safety Studies.
  • -Elaboration of Security Plans.
  • -Elaboration of Emergency Plans.
  • -Maintenance and conservation plans.

Swimming Pools

  • -Drafting of projects for new construction pools or adaptation of community pools to current regulations.
  • -Reports of adaptation to community swimming pool regulations.
  • -Design and building, personalized advice in swimming pools and gardens.
  • -3D design and exterior infographics.

Technical Reports

  • -Technical Inspection of Buildings (ITE).
  • -Building Evaluation Reports (IEE).
  • -Energy Efficiency Certificates.
  • -Reports of adaptation to community swimming pool regulations.
  • -Reports and / or expert opinion.
  • -Real estate appraisals.
  • -Pathological reports.
  • -Certificates of tourist apartments.
  • -Certificates of antiquity of properties.
  • -Cadastral regularization reports.
  • -Urban feasibility reports.

Legal Process

  • -Works and reforms of local homes or offices.
  • -Authorizations for the installation of hospitality terraces.
  • -Legalization, sanctioning for works.
  • -First occupation licenses. Certificate of occupancy.
  • -Occupation and use license.
  • -Management of communicated actions and major / minor work licenses.
  • -Advice and processing of sanctions.
  • -Urban planning regulations.
  • -Advice on real estate sale procedures.

Activity Opening

  • -Opening licenses by writing the activity project.
  • -Certificate of persistence.
  • -Public road occupation license. Request for authorization of terraces.
  • -Integral projects for new opening or reform.
  • -Technical certificate for the start of activity by means of a responsible declaration.
  • -Certificate of urban compatibility.
  • -Certificate of capacity.
  • -Environmental license.


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Working Hours

  • Monday-Friday10:00-14:00
  • 16:00-18:00
  • SaturdayClosed
  • SundayClosed


  • “Behind the rubble, great projects can be built”